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Hi and welcome

Here you will find various things I did, ranging from raytraced pictures to wimp programs or StrongHelp manuals. Feel free to download !

News on 2006/09/28

  • Compiled a very old version of NetPBM

News on 2006/06/24

News on 2004/04/08

  • Compiled TooLame, an ancestor to the Lame encoder. According to the defaults in GCC 3.3.3, the binary should be 32-bit neutral and should work on the Iyonix (if so, I'd be glad to know)

News on November-December-January 1999-2000

  • Compiled POVRay 3.1g. See here for details.
  • Compiled the Jpeg (v6b) utilities (cjpeg, djpeg, jpegtran). See on Wimp page.
  • Updated Awarchi templates. Awarchi is RO2 compatible.

News on September 1999

  • Updated Shanghai on the Wimp page
  • GoBang, a game I started some time ago, is now released
  • Released a new version of the *Commands manual. Now, it contains description of Acorn's !Internet commands

News on June 1999

  • 8 years after Acorn, I suddenly realize it's possible to execute BASIC programs in ROM ! Updated the "HowTo - ROMimage" document to reflect this. Richard Murray started to translate an english version of this. Stay tuned !
  • Still couldn't experiment with blowing large EPROMs, due to lack of equipment/electronician willing and able. If you want to help, email me please

News on March-April 1999

  • Fixed a redraw bugette in STSound, made available the replay module sources
  • Optimised the gifs with InterGif (wow!)
  • My pet project is to rebuild a new RO3 ROM image for my A5000 (4Mb instead of 2Mb). I already have the ready-to-blow EPROMs. See some of the gory details in french here.

News on February 1999

  • Corrected a bug that prevented Navigator from working on RiscPCs
  • Not enough wimpslot for Awarchi on RiscPCs - Fixed
  • Changed some local software links to distant links
  • Added some graphics I made with the Gimp on a Linux box, like you couldn't see ! This program (The Gimp) is a Killer. As sources are available to anyone, it would be good to have a port on RiscOS. That way, we wouldn't have to pay for Photodesk to play with image manipulation.
  • Added separate links to access pages referenced on image maps, so that anyone can browse my pictures, even with Webster.

News on January 1999

Jérôme Mathevet jerome.mathevet@libre.fr (replace 'libre' with 'free')
Last edited - 2001, February the 20th
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