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I started a while ago, not with the pionneer DKBtrace, but POVray v1.0. At that time, I had no Floating Point Accelerator, and to tell you the truth, doing raytracing was a bit masochistic.

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Index of personal artwork

If your browser doesn't support image-maps, you can access my larger POVray pictures through these links:

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Remember: All pictures are © Jérôme Mathevet

DownLoad Area

Four MPEG films done with POVray2.2 and Henrik Bjeregaard Pedersen's MPEG encoder: There are also some mini-apps for Acorn computers:
POVray software on other sites
Many POVray utilities by the Miskin 'family'
If you want to share experience, models, techniques, or if you want to develop scenes in common, I would be glad to hear from you. Also, if you've designed a utility for povray (RiscOS), send it to me !

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Last edited - 2002, 20th of October