Roguelike head picture
This picture courtesy of Gil Wozniak. Thanks, mate !

Rogue-like games (Moria, AngBand, NetHack, Omega)

If you don't know this style of games, then try

If you own an Archimedes or a RiscPC, you can download several ready-to-print manuals in Impression format (Style or Publisher). The size of the pages barely fit on my Deskjet 870 cxi and you could experience problems with your printer. I'm really sorry about this, but if this is the case, you'll have to rearrange them so that it fits your hardware.

There should be manuals for the new (Ben Harrison's) AngBand and Michael Gorse's SAngBand, too but Paris wasn't done in one day ... As soon as I have time, they'll be available here.


This is a railway simulation by Jos Keijzers for RiscOS. There was already Impression manuals in the world-wide distribution, but my printer cropped part of them, so I had to reformat them. Back to my Risc OS page
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